• Transforming Lives
    Restoring Hope
    We are committed to the transformation and enhancement of life and well being
    through preaching and teaching the precious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Musically inclined
    Lend your voice in worship and praises to our God
  • the Diligent
    Ushering Ministry
    The work behind the faith
  • the Inconspicuous
    Media Team
    The silent ministers behind the sound
  • the wonderful
    Childrens Ministry
    To equip the upcoming generation with the Word of God
  • wow, the gracious
    Women of Wonder
    ladies ministry to foster and build able ministers in the work of the Lord
  • the honorable
    Mens ministry to raise the standards and build men of honor who will stand for Christ
  • the Imaginative
    Drama & creativity
    Preaching the gospel with creative revelations

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Dr Dennis Desire and Pr. Lucy Sanyu Mwesigwa are dynamic Bible teachers and leaders, blessed with two daughters and honoured to be pastoring the Beacon life Church in Nairobi Kenya.

Out of prayer for this nation and the nations, Beacon Life Church was born in January 2013 and is established in Lenana area off Ngong road Nairobi-Kenya.

Growing and thriving as a cutting edge and vibrant multicultural ministry. We are continuing to preach the glorious gospel of the Kingdom transforming lives